Sadiq Bahar Marketing and Distribution Co. Ltd is part of the Bahar Group of Companies established as a head office in Kabul, Afghanistan since 1971.  We are primarily in the distribution and marketing of International brands for Afghanistan market.

The Bahar Group is a family owned business for over 75 years and has three companies by the names of Inam Bahar Marketing and Distribution Co. Ltd, Sadiq Bahar Marketing and Distribution Co. Ltd and Azan Trading Co. operating in Afghanistan. Bahar Group enjoys a good reputation with multinational companies and financial institutions for commercial trading throughout the globe. We represent some of the top companies like Nestle Pakistan Ltd., Nestle Pierre (France), Red Bull, Colgate Palmolive, Langnese (Germany), Arcor (Argentina) Qabuli Chemicals and Antiseptic Manufacturing Company (Afghanistan) and MTN (South Africa)

The recent developments in Afghanistan have paved the way for us to expand in various other opportunities knocking on our doors. As a leading firm of importers and distributors of several years standing in this trade, the company has a comprehensive knowledge of the Afghan market, with well-established distribution centers in all the major provinces of Afghanistan. Bahar Group has a direct workforce of +40. We have distribution networks in each and every major cities of Afghanistan; Kabul, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif, Hirat, Kandahar, Khost and Qondoz. We have a fleet of 8 Non-air-conditioned vans & 3 Air-conditioned vans. The Company is fully equipped logistically and otherwise, to cater for the existing and any new business available to us.

As an importer/exporter and distributor Bahar Group has been able to achieve the confidence of its buyers by providing them the highest quality of products at reasonable rates. Our aim is not merely to get the turnover, but also to get the total satisfaction of our customers. Our company’s vision is to provide quality food products to all the relevant social economic classes across Afghanistan and to establish our company as an Afghanistan based company enjoying due preference by local consumers.

Import & Export is one of the most lucrative business fields in Afghanistan. One of the main priorities of Bahar Group is to be equally beneficial to all its business associates including wholesaler and suppliers. We are among the top businesses in Afghanistan because of our hard work and several years of experience.

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